MOTOTV is customizable in-store television

for today’s Skate and Action Sport Retailers

The skate customer is on it! He knows who has the best vid and where to find it! He probably saw it on his i-attachment in between fourth and fifth period. But what if he saw the latest vid at your shop? What does that do for your shops brand? Elevates it in the consumers eyes. Yea you’re the shop that isn’t playing that same DVD from 2009, you have the latest and greatest vid and products. Oh and lets just say while that latest vid caught his eye, what if your message about 20% all skate decks did as well? You may have just made a sale without even trying!.

Speaking of trying, reach out to us today and we’ll let ya try us for a month free!

With rates starting as low as $99/month, isn't it time you joined the Sales Revolution?  Call us today 720-583-3835!
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