MOTOTV Surf Menu Board Example.

MOTOTV is customizable in-store television

for today’s Surf and Action Sport Retailers

Lose the DVD’s or the USB stick playing the same vids over and over again in your shop! MOTOTV delivers the freshest vids pertinent to the ads in your store dally. But wait there is more! While you have that customer engaged, why not give him or her your very own sales message with customizable ticker across the bottom of your screen. And If you want to take it a step further, check out our L-Bracket which can give multiple messages at once. You can even upload your own videos and promotions plus brand the network as your own. Taking it to the next level of stoke is our on demand app that lets you trigger pre selected videos from your smart phone to your shop TV’s! And being MOTOTV is completely customizable down to your store it doesn’t matter if you’re Surf, Skate, Paddle, Wake or all of the above!

Jake O’Donnell from Jake’s Surf Shop in Sea Bright, NJ thinks MOTOTV rocks!

"We like the idea of having the newest, freshest videos relative to the all the brands we sell all playing in our store, without us lifting a finger!" - Jake O'Donnell

MOTOTV™ provides you with a cost-efficient and powerful way to market inside your store, directly targeting the customers when they’re a credit card swipe away from a purchase. Research shows that the the most influential to reach a customer is when they are inside your dealership, so why not keep your customers informed in the coolest and most modern way -- The MOTOTV Way.

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