What is MOTOTV?

Enhance the atmosphere of your store... sell more products


Sick of the same DVD playing over and over in your store? MOTOTV™ pipes in the freshest content relevant to the brands in your store every day. And It's customizable with your own advertisements and announcements for your store only!

MOTOTV™ provides you with a cost-efficient and powerful way to market inside your dealership, directly targeting the customers when they’re a credit card swipe away from a purchase. Research shows that the most influential way to reach a customer is when they are inside your dealership, so why not keep your customers informed in the coolest and most modern way -- The MOTOTV™ way.

Check out the demo below!


  • Driving sales at your store
  • In-Store Marketing Solutions
  • Customized & Branded Promos
  • Industry Training for Employees
  • Informing, Educating and Entertaining Customers
  • Fully backed by our dedicated support team
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