Digital signage and video networks have become a necessity in practically every dealership and retail environment.  Video is engaging, customizable and a vast improvement over boring, wasteful static print material. When done properly, video networks are effective sales tools educating and entertaining customers who are ready to buy.

MOTOTV is the largest digital signage network in powersports, action sports and marine. We spend a lot of time working with dealerships, helping them get the most out of their TVs throughout their stores.  Below are three essential tips to ensure your network is efficient, powerful, and working hard to sell your product lines:



To say there’s a lot of content being produced is a huge understatement. It’s estimated that more than 600 hours of content is produced every minute.  But having a ton of content doesn’t make it effective.  The right content for the TVs in your dealership needs to catch the eyes of your customer, align with your business goals, and be powerfully efficient – short and sweet.

Dealerships and action sports retail locations are destination places, and your network needs to be continually updated with a wide variety of content to keep the environment exciting.  OEMs and brands are a great resource for free content – their production quality tends to be high-end and many even offer coop programs for running it.  A great thing about these partners is they may also be offering retail incentives that you can promote on screen to help drive sales.  But don’t limit yourself to only branded content, tailor it to your needs as much as possible by highlighting all of your services.

Social media is a powerful way to freshen up your screens.  You spend a lot of time pushing it out on Instagram for instance, why not put it to use on your in-store network, especially if that process is automated.  If you have additional inventory that may not be on your showroom floor, why not feature that on your screens?  And again, if automated, that’s a huge benefit.  You should also be able to customize your network with your own videos, promotions, and messaging. 

When creating your own content remember that your customer is already in the building. Cross promote your products and services. Showcase your service department on your sales floor and let that patient customer waiting in the service department know about the new models in your showroom.  And it’s always good to keep the content short and include graphics, so the message is told visually, as it’s not always effective to have audio playing loudly within your store.

MOTOTV NETWORKS makes it easy by managing all the content from OEMs, brands, and premium content providers.  We also make it easy to automatically add your Instagram feed and current inventory, as well as upload your own content quickly to your screens. Click to learn more.


 // 4Xs more effective than static display

// Increases product interest by 59%

// Decreases perceived wait times by 35%



There’s a saying in real estate – location, location, location.  And this also plays a vital role in setting up your network, make sure your screens are in high-traffic areas and are visible.  TVs are an inexpensive commodity these days so don’t be afraid to go large or have multiple screens in your stores.

For generating awareness, traditional non-touch TVs in the landscape mode are still the go-to method.  For added effectiveness, dividing the screen is a powerful method to push out various messages to customers that are a credit-card swipe away from a purchase.  Being able to simultaneously run a brand video in one display area, while running relevant promotional messages in others is a marketers dream at the point-of-sale.  There is a balance of course, you don’t want it too busy or complicated to read. The goal should be for the customer to initiate a conversation with a sales associate, which makes any sale easier.

Digital Menu Boards are another highly versatile screen layout.  They are particularly effective in the service area where dealers can list out services with their costs.  These can also be used to highlight your service team, educate customers on the importance of services, while also cross-selling new models on your showroom floor. And don’t overlook promoting impulse buys, such as oils or lubes.

Touchscreens are becoming increasingly popular for their ability to showcase detailed information and more importantly, to generate orders.  OEMs often incentivize dealers to install touchscreens within their stores and these can be powerful sales tools.  Customers and sales associates can interact with touchscreens to get detailed information, such as specs, features & inventory. And customers can also accessorize a vehicle, bringing their dream machine to life on a large screen, which can generate a pre-order sent directly to the sales associates.

MOTOTV NETWORK offers a variety of different layouts and screen formats, as well as touchscreens.   We would be happy to help you determine what options are best for you.  Click to learn more.



When a dealer’s video network flounders, it’s typically due to it being overly complex. Managing all your content can be a huge challenge.  First you need to hunt for the right content and ensure you have the proper permissions.  Then you need to get it into the proper format and schedule it. And then don’t forget to make sure that all of your incentives are up to date.  Pro Tip: it’s not easy.

Then there is the management system.  There are many digital signage companies offering a variety of hardware and software solutions promising you a worry-free network. But like politicians, the promises tend to be, well, let’s just say windy.

Our goal with MOTOTV NETWORKS was to simplify the entire process so you can be confident that what is on your screens is working for you, allowing you to run your business!   Using the MOTOTV Dashboard, you choose the brands you sell and the type of content you like, and we pretty much do the rest, updating your network every night.  It’s also quick and intuitive to set up your Instagram Feed, add your Inventory, create tech/staff bios and upload your own videos, images or messages. In other words, painless but powerful!  Click to learn more.

With the right content, proper location, layout and simple management system, MOTOTV makes it easy to turn your TVs into digital sales associates, who never call in sick or take a coffee break!  MOTOTV is the leader and best-in-class network built for powersports, marine, & RV dealers and action sport retailers.   We know every dealer is different, so please reach out and we’ll help you decide which options are right for you.

Ready to experience the impact digital signage can have on your business? Whether you’re a car, motorcycle or boat dealer; surf, snow or bicycle shop – MOTOTV is here to transform your floor! Contact us to get started on a FREE TRIAL.